Below you will see an outline of the overall application process. Hopefully it will help you an initial understanding of what is needed throughout the process.

  1. Application form
    • Download from our website.  Complete it and send it to us so we can assess it and start to check which schools are most suitable for the student
  2. Interview Form & Writing Topic
    • This stage allows us to check the student’s level of English whilst gaining a more thorough understanding of their interests and what they hope to achieve from their time on the High School Programme
  3. School Transcripts & Teacher Recommendations
    • By this stage we will be able to recommend some suitable schools and will need the final details to pass onto them to help guarantee a place
  4. LSC Rules with emergency contact forms
    • This is ticking the final few boxes and making sure LSC, the school and the student have all the information they need to confirm their place
  5. Photo and medical records
    • We ask for a photo so the school, representative and host family will recognise you when arriving in the UK or Ireland and as with all educational programmes we will need any information on existing medical conditions/allergies to make sure students are looked after properly during their stay
  6. Welcome Pack
    • Students will receive their welcome packs outlining what they should do with a checklist of things to bring with them
  7. The journey begins
    • Time to set off on the adventure of a lifetime and enjoy the High School Programme with us at LSC!