We want to make the application process for our programmes as quick and simple as possible. The process may differ ever so slightly depending on which country a student is applying for, but the key elements will remain the same, as you can see below:


After completing the application form at the link at the top of this page, the student/partner can send it to parter.sales@languagestudycentres and we'll check availability in the country of your choice.


Some STS country offices may want to schedule a Skype interview to examine the applicant’s language capabilities as well as talk about expectations, school and placement details. The interview provides an opportunity for the country representatives to find out more about the applicant’s personality, which makes it easier to find suitable host families and placements. On most STS programmes, it is the country office in the destination country that makes the final decision on acceptance.


STS uses the online application management system Zapp to handle applications to all countries. If Zapp is a new programme to you, we are happy to provide training, as well as a complete Zapp user manual and assist you with all questions that might come up.

The Zapp manual application includes the following sections:

• Student Application
The first page of the application includes a profile picture and general information.

• Personal Information
Includes information on siblings and contact details of a close adult, relative or friend if parents are not available, as well as Language capabilities, and special dietary requirements etc.

• Mini Bio
Includes interests, and character details of the student, any former part time jobs or work experience.

• Allergy Form
Students must indicate any allergies to help us find an appropriate host family.

• Grades
Should include a scanned copy of the applicant’s original grade report.

• Rules & Agreement
The Rules for STS High School Students - document must be signed by the student as well as their parents or legal guardians.

• Interview
The partner should make use of the STS Interview Report form to determine the student’s expectations of the programme and motivation for spending a certain amount of time in a foreign country.

• Student Letter (approximately 2 pages)
Should include personal details about the student, family and home life. This essay is an important step in finding a suitable host family.

• Parent Letter (approximately 1 – 2 pages)
Gives the parents the opportunity to introduce their daughter or son to the host family and share what they hope he or she will gain from the experience. It should be honest and positive.

• Photo Album and Student Photo
In total, these two sections must include at least 10 photos of the applicant and his/her family.

• Birth Certificate & Passport
A scanned copy of the applicant’s birth certificate and the photo page of the passport

• Certificate of Health & Immunization records
These forms must be downloaded from ZAPP and filled out by a doctor.

• School Record Transcript
Must include grades from the last three years and should be signed by the principal as well as include the school’s official stamp.

• Teacher Recommendation
Teachers should provide a thorough and honest assessment of the student’s language capabilities.


If the student meets all requirements, a Letter of Acceptance and an invoice with the deposit fee is sent out. The spot is confirmed when the deposit invoice in paid. Final installments are then paid in accordance to the terms contained within the Partner Agreement. The process of placing the student in a host family and school can now begin.