The safety and well-being of all our students is our primary concern. From the student’s arrival through to their departure, our students are under the constant care and attention of our Host Families, Area Representatives and Head Office staff.

Host Family Accommodation

Your accommodation is a really important part of your experience when studying abroad.  Many students find staying with a Host Family a very rewarding experience as it offers them an insight into local culture and provides the perfect opportunity to improve their English by practising it in a natural everyday context.

All our Host Families provide students a safe environment.  Each family is visited by our Area Representatives who ensures that a high quality of service is maintained.  Students will receive a student handbook which has information about living with an English host family to assist you in understanding any cultural differences. At any point during a student’s stay with a host family, they will be able to talk with their Area Representative for advice, should they need it.

Assistance from your local Area Representative

The Area Representative is there to help the student if they are having any problems adjusting to life in the UK or Ireland. Our Area Representatives are experienced and they understand the problems that a student could have from host family issues to arranging a visit to the doctors.

Each student has an Area Representative allocated to them for the duration of their stay. Our team of Area Representatives select host families who are accepted on the basis of a careful procedure which, among other things, includes an interview and a home visit.

The Area Representative will arrange contact with the student on a regular basis and an orientation meeting at the start of their programme for all high school students in the area. The Area Representative will also organise a social event for the students each term.

The student should turn to the Area Representative as the first point of contact in the case of any problems as the Area Representative will know the local area, they will also personally know the host family and the school that the student is attending.

24/7 Emergency Contact at LSC Head Office

This is a service we offer that we hope that the students will never need. All of our students, Host Families and Area Representatives are given our 24/7 emergency telephone number, so that if students find themselves needing to speak to someone at LSC Head Office immediately, students can do.  No matter what time of day or what day of the week.