There's a lot more to an LSC language course than lessons & excursions. At each course destination we have a have a wide and varied programme of activities to keep students entertained for the duration of their stay.

Our on-site activity programme focuses on students interacting with our English-speaking staff (of which there will be an increased ratio per student), participating in a range of structured activities and communicating using English.

Activity sessions have been divided into the following categories and there will be a wide variety on offer each day:

  • Sports
  • Culture
  • Arts & Creativity
  • Fun & Games

Every LSC centre will benefit from the inclusion of an additional full day excursion allowing students the opportunity to explore even more of England.

Weekly scheduled visits to the nearest centre town or city will enable students to interact with local people n a range of practical and entertaining experiences. This will not only improve their language skills but will give them a better understanding of local traditions.

Below is a sample programme-all activity sessions are easily colour-coded into our 4 social categories.


Sample Prog 690X184