TRINITY - Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE)

At LSC we offer preparation for and achievement of GESE qualifications that support students who wish to developproficiency in English language speaking. Trinity’s GESE exams are designed to complement general English language courses and Exam Preparation takes place during lessons and focuses on the development of communicative skills and building confidence among candidates. Our teachers offer guidance about the knowledge and skills required at each proficiency level and prepare our students to the best of their abilities.



Trinity College Exams in Spoken English

Trinity College exams are becoming increasingly popular among students who want to come away from our summer courses with a formal qualification. There are 12 different grades in the exam divided into 4 stages, and they begin at a very elementary level, so any students can pass the exam providing they are entered at the correct level for their English ability.

Our placement test is linked to the Trinity exam syllabus, so we can predict which grade you should enter for if you are unfamiliar with the exam, and the course books we use are also linked to the syllabus, so your normal classes will provide all the preparation you need if you decide to take the exam. We also provide one extra class per week for exam candidates; during these sessions we explain exactly what you will be expected to do during the exam.

Trinity exams are carried out by external examiners who have to be booked in advance, and we need a minimum number of candidates for an exam session, so it is important that you tell us as soon as possible if you are interested in taking the exam; we can then tell you if it will be possible, and what the cost will be.


At A Glance- The Benefits of taking a Trinity Spoken English Exam

Trinity Grade


2 A1
3 A2.1
4 A2.2
5 B1.1
6 B1.2
7 B2.1
8 B2.2
9 B2.3
10 C1.1
11 C1.2
  • Working towards a formal exam provides motivation for the course.
  • A spoken exam tests real communication skills rather than just grammatical knowledge.
  • Progress is marked by increasing evidence in the use of communication skills and acknowledges small steps.
  • There is a graded exam appropriate to all learners, whatever their ability in communicating in English.
  • Students can build on the progress they make by taking exams at a higher grade when they return home or on future courses in the UK.
  • LSC has many years of experience in guiding students through the Trinity exam - in 2014 our pass rate was 98.7%.
  • Trinity exams are internationally recognised and used to access Higher Education in the UK (minimum requirement is grade 10).
  • Trinity grades are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (see table on the right).


Why should I take a Trinity College spoken English exam?

In the 21st century, a good level of spoken English will be an important part of any career progression and personal development. This is why many universities and employers are increasingly demanding evidence of spoken English skills.

Trinity's spoken English examinations have international validity. More than 30 British universities and colleges of Higher Education recognise Trinity Grade 10 in spoken English as the minimum level of spoken English needed to undertake undergraduate study successfully.

Trinity grades are aligned to the Council of Europe Framework for languages, a reliable reference to show that Trinity's examinations conform to international standards.