There is more to an LSC language course than just the time in lessons. You will also be spending time in Activities and on Excursions with our carefully picked Activity Leaders.


LSC activity programmes are designed to ensure that students have fun in a safe and educational environment and to give them the opportunity to practise and improve their English with other students.
Across all our centres, we offer a variety of fun daytime and evening activities that will meet the needs and ages of all our students. Daytime activities generally include sports, arts & crafts and social games, while evening activities include movie nights, quiz nights, themed discos and talent contests.
At selected centres, we also offer specialist courses such as photography, water sports, football, horse riding and e-sports.

All activities are led by our enthusiastic and fun natured Activity Leaders, under the supervision and guidance of the Activity Managers. Activity Leaders are specifically trained on how to organise and deliver successful activities and will encourage the involvement of students by taking part and leading by example. Our dedicated Activity Managers make sure that activities are delivered in a quality and safe way and that students get a varied
and interesting social programme.


Activities Overview



Excursions are an amazing opportunity for students to learn about the local history and culture as well as to have fun with their new friends. At LSC, we offer a wide range of excursions to fun, cultural and historical destinations.

Excursions vary by centre and generally include an activity or admission to a local attraction, such as a visit to a world heritage site, a walk around the historic sites of a nearby city or spending the day at the beach.

Excursions are led by LSC Activity Leaders with a ratio of one adult per twenty students. Activity Leaders are specifically trained on how to escort groups on local walks and excursions. Leaders ensure the safety of the students, as well as provide them with information on the excursion destination and the main sights. 

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