LSC & Trinity College Spoken English Exams 2015 - A Perfect Match!

Language Study Centres strongly encourages students to take a Trinity Speaking Exam as part of their summer course, in order to achieve formal recognition for the progress in communication skills made during the course.

LSC offers special rates for any student booking a Trinity Exam in advance (please speak to your agent or LSC Sales staff). 

This special rate will work out as a small daily supplement per course in which a student can leave the UK with an internationally recognised qualification!

The Trinity Spoken English Examination is closely aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the University of Cambridge ESOL and IELTS examination. 

If your students are intending on sitting the more expensive Cambridge or IELTS exams back in their home country, taking a Trinity exam as part of their 2 or 3 week summer course is a FANTASTIC indicator of their currenlt level of spoken English. Our chart below shows how they relate. 

Three reasons to choose Trinity at LSC in 2015

  • LSC pass rate 2014 was 98.7%
  • Leave the UK with an internationally recognised qualification for what could work out as a small daily supplement
  • Closely aligned to other examination board levels. Can be used to assess speaking ability for Cambridge & IELTS


For more information please contact your agent or visit our Trinity webpages here